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Turn Signals

Why isn’t anyone using their turn signal anymore?  Have you noticed this too?  Driving along the road, trying to turn left and waiting for oncoming traffic…not one, not two but three cars coming towards you are turning right, but no one used their turn signal.  Frustrating, isn’t it?

Mulling that over for the next few minutes, I connected it to leadership.  How many leaders in your company are making changes without any signals?  Your people are following the path they’ve been given to date, but your leaders are shifting gears and making decisions without bringing them along.  Employees become frustrated and confused.  They had no warning, no insight and no ability to influence.  How does this end?  Lack of buy in, lack of engagement and of course, lack of results.

Organizational change of any size should not happen in a silo.  Critical to the process of change in organizations is involvement of your team at all levels.  Verify your leaders ask for input from team members.  Ensure they were included in the planning of the change.  Inclusion is the key to buy in and engagement in change.   I know the argument:  “We don’t have time.”  The problem is, forcing a new idea out to your team without proper vetting will yield slow results for a longer period of time.  Spending a few hours up front to include you team’s brain power will yield you high engagement, high commitment, limited blind spots and faster results, every single time. 

Hoping to keep engagement high?  Have higher retention?  See higher productivity and increased results?

Use your turn signal.